About Maaco Auto Body Shop

MAACO is America’s body shop, with close to 500 body shop locations across the continent. We provide auto paint and auto body repair services for over 12,000 vehicles a week, 600,000 a year, more than any other company in North America. The 16.5 million vehicles we’ve repaired since 1972 could create a traffic jam 15 lanes wide from New York all the way to Los Angeles.

MAACO’s popularity among vehicle owners in the United States and Canada is one reason entrepreneurs seek out Maaco body shop franchise opportunities. We are North America’s number-one automotive aftermarket franchise in terms of unit sales. Experts in franchising have recognized MAACO for its overall excellence, growth potential and helpful support systems for store operators.

MAACO Franchising, Inc. is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Executive offices of MAACO Systems Canada are in Milton, Ontario.