Lease Turn In Auto Body Repair

Failure to correct dents, dings and scratches before the end of a lease can lead to costly charges from the dealer.

Maaco's auto body repair and spot painting can get your car in compliance with the lease turn-back terms at an amazingly low cost. Your local Maaco body shop will repair your leased car’s body with efficient and exacting processes that restore metal surfaces to original factory specs, with seamless fit and finish.

We can save you lots of money before you return your leased car. An independent survey* found that, on average, Maaco auto body repair costs were 33% less than at dealer or independent shops. So, especially when you’re paying for auto body repair out of pocket, it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds more on a car that you will be turning back to the dealer.

Make lease turn-back a smoother, faster and less-expensive experience by visiting your local Maaco body shop, where you can economically restore its auto paint finish to like-new condition.

* Source: 2003 survey by Strategic Consumer Research, Inc